• AliExpress Support: How to talk to a real human

    AliExpress Support: How to Talk to a Human

    If you have ever tried to reach out to AliExpress Customer Service, you've probably noticed that it is very hard to get hold of a human support agent. When you visit the AliExpress Help Center (by navigating to Help > Customer Service), you'll be presented with Frequently Asked Questions and some Self-service Tools, trying to [...] More
  • Popular Products Under $1 on AliExpress

    15 Popular Products on AliExpress for Under $1

    Hello and welcome to the first edition of our new Under $1 collection series! We've selected 15 popular products with good rating that cost around $1 at the time of publishing - please be aware that prices can change and that shipping cost may vary depending on your location and the country the product ships [...] More
  • 10 Weird Products on AliExpress - by Alifinds.com

    10 Weird Products from AliExpress – Vol. 1

    If you're an avid AliExpress user you've probably seen a lot of weird stuff in your recommendations list. Some items may appear strange at first sight but turn out to be useful. Others are plain absurd but you still want to buy them just for laughs. We've created a list of 10 weird items we [...] More
  • Best Power Banks on AliExpress

    Best Power Banks on AliExpress

    One of the challenges that come from relying on electronics is that at some point they can run out of power. It usually happens at the worst time possible - be it while using a navigation app in an unfamiliar area, during an important call with your boss or your Pokémon Go raid with your [...] More
  • Alifinds.com - How to Buy from AliExpress

    How to Buy from AliExpress

    AliExpress gained a lot of popularity in the past years, making it one of the top visited sites in a lot of countries. According to alexa.com, AliExpress is currently #45 (while ebay is #48) on the list of the top global sites. Still, there are lots of people who did not hear about the site …

  • Best Apple Watch Accessories on AliExpress

    Best Apple Watch Accessories on AliExpress

    Since its release in 2015, the Apple Watch quickly became the best-selling wearable device worldwide and the upward trend still continues to this day. Being an Apple product, it should come as no surprise that it's price is unreasonably high. If you're lucky enough to own one and are looking to buy additional bands or [...] More
  • Alifinds.com - Is AliExpress safe?

    Is AliExpress Safe?

    What is AliExpress? AliExpress is a China-based online retail service which is owned by Alibaba, the world's largest retailer. It was built as a marketplace for international buyers and connects them to (mostly Chinese) sellers and manufacturers. It is hugely popular in countries like Russia, Brazil, Spain and the United States. Despite their growing market [...] More
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